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Week Beginning 08.06.2020



Click the link below to the whiterose website and there is a short video explaining the activities for each day


This week the activities and ideas are based around the book 'The Princess and the Wizard' by Julia Donaldson

You can listen to the story here:


Follow along with the Princess and Wizard activities for each day. You can find them all below. 




Activity 1:

The Princess had 7 chances to escape. One chance for each day. Can you remember the 7 animals Eliza changed into? Draw a picture of each of the animals on the worksheet below. Can you label each picture with their colour and the name of the animal.


Activity 2:

The Princess had to change into a lots of different animals to escape the wicked wizard. 

If you had to escape the wizard, what would you change into? Draw a picture and write a sentence about your picture.


Activity 3:

The princess changed into a different colour each time, pick your three favourite colours. What could you change into for each colour? Can you think of different animals to the ones in the story. Draw a picture of each one and write a sentence about why this colour is perfect for your disguise.  

English Activities



Watch this weeks Alphablocks episode and remind yourself of lots of your phase 3 phonic sounds.


Re-cap all your phase thee phonic sounds in this sentence matching activity. Carefully sound out each sentence and match it to the correct picture. 

Fine Motor Skills

1. Prepare the paper.

Blue and purple are popular colours for wizard hats, although i'm sure a wizard can wear any colour. Prepare a large rectangle sheet of paper. You may need to stick 4 A4 pieces of paper together. 


2. Make a cone.

Draw a big a half circle, you could draw around a big dinner plate or any other large circle you can find, then chop it in half. Tape the two sides together to make cone shape. You can also create a brim for your hat too if you choose. 


3. Decorate the hat.

Decorate the hat with moon and star stickers or cut out some paper shapes to stick on to your wizard hat. 



Your new topic this term is the Seaside. Have you ever visited the seaside? What might you see there? 


Look through the lesson presentation with an adult and talk about what you see. Do all the beaches look the same? 


Look at the seaside labelling activity. Get an adult to help you sound out the words, can you match them to the correct picture. Use your scissor skills to carefully cut them out and glue them in the correct place. 


Design you own seaside poster using the beach background and cut out pictures. Write a sentence to tell me what is happening in your picture. Can you add any images of your own to the picture?