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Week beginning 27.4.2020


Follow the link to the website and there is a short video explaining the activities for each day


This week the activities and ideas are based around the books

“The Night Pirates” by Peter Harris and Deborah Allwright

J“Troll” by Julia Donaldson & David Roberts


Design Technology

  • Design and make a new flag for the Night Pirates' ship.


  • Tom thinks that the front of his house might be being stolen by monsters, trolls, ogres or gremlins. Draw one of these creatures and describe it using lots of interesting vocabulary.
  • Draw a new pirate outfit for Tom.
  • Design a new pirate ship for the Night Pirates.
  • The illustrations in the book use lots of different shades of similar colours. Try making different shades of the same colour using different art materials.


  • Look on a map and find a route across the seas for the Night Pirates to travel along.
  • Draw your own map showing the route of the Night Pirates.


  • Design a 'wanted' poster for the Troll. Draw a picture of the Troll and write labels to describe him e.g sharp teeth. Write a sentence about the troll. 
  • Retell the story. Can you act out the events of the story, using the speech to help you? Can you use a different voice when you are being the Troll?
  • Write a postcard from the Troll


Fine Motor Skills to improve handwriting

Strengthening our fingers and developing the grip between out thumb and finger really helps with holding a pencil correctly and then our handwriting.

Play dough

Have a go at rolling, twisting and pinching the play dough. You could make a plate of play dough food for the Troll.