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Week commencing 28.09.2020




This week we will be learning the following new sounds


- f

- e

- l 

- h

- sh


Have a go at using the following sheets to practice writing your new sounds!






This week we are learning all about sorting and matching! We will be looking at matching items that are the same, by looking at their colour, shape and size, and we will be sorting objects into different groups.

Have a look at pages 6 - 10 on the White Rose Maths link bellow for some fun activities to try!





This week, we are going to be continuing to build our amazing rockets!


I would like you to have a go at creating your very own rocket at home! Think about what your rocket will need, for example;

-a pointy tip to travel quickly through the air

-a window to see all the wonders of space

-fire to help propel you out of earth

-side panels to help keep you in the right direction


I would also like you to tell me a little bit about your rocket and the adventures it has been on. Where did your rocket go? Did you make it to the moon like Neil Armstrong? Did you go further?

Did you meet any aliens on your journey? What were they like?


I look forward to seeing your masterpiece :)