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Chestnut Class


Chestnut Class


Welcome to Chestnut class! We are so excited to welcome the children as they start on this exciting journey through primary school. We are looking forward to seeing the children grow in both their confidence, curiosity and their ability as we progress throughout the year. 


Teacher: Miss O'Neill

Teaching Assistant: Miss Randall

PPA Cover: Mrs J. Smith







What does learning look like in our classroom?




For our Phonics sessions in school, we use a scheme called Read, Write, Inc. This scheme helps to ensure that every child is able to read and write with fluency and accuracy from the moment they come in to school. 


We typically start our day with a carousel of activities to help with our fine and gross motor skills - ensuring our hand muscles are warmed up and ready to go for our Read, Write, Inc. session. 

We particularly love our dough disco, where the children are tasked to make different things to coincide with our topics (e.g. a crown fit for royalty)

We give the children many opportunities to explore Phonics in our continuous provision around the classroom and outdoors. The children love to use chalk to write their sounds and words in our outdoor classroom. 





In our Maths lessons in the Autumn term, we have been focusing on place value for numbers up to 5, looking at 2D shapes, measuring weight and capacity, comparing, marching and sorting!


We like to do lot's of practical based activities, both in and out of the classroom, to help both stimulate children's learning as well as showing children that Maths is not confined to a classroom - Maths is all around us!


The children have a mixture of independent, teacher led and group tasks to complete for their lessons, and they are offered an array of apparatus and materials to enhance their learning areas. 




Woodland Wonder


On a Wednesday afternoon, we are very fortunate to have Mrs J. Smith who comes to take the children to Woodland Wonder.


Woodland Wonder gives a wonderful opportunity for the children to engage in learning outside of the classroom, in a more natural setting. It helps and facilitates more than knowledge-gathering - it helps learners develop socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. Woodland Wonder creates a safe, non-judgemental nurturing environment for children to try stuff out and take risks. It helps to inspire a deep and meaningful connection to the world and an understanding of how a learner fits within it. The children will be constantly expanding on their abilities by solving real-world issues, building self-belief and resilience.


This term, Mrs J. Smith has linked their Woodland Wonder with our topic of Kings and Queens, by creating challenges and games for the children to play, such as helping the Queen to find her missing crown jewels. 





In the afternoons, we like to focus on topic based activities. Over the Autumn half term, we looked at 'Space' and 'Kings and Queens'.

Our afternoons are more centered around our foundation subjects, such as History, Art, Geography, D+T, Music and PSHE.


The children really enjoyed designing planets, learning about different astronauts, creating their very own spaceships, learning about Queens from around the world, looking at where Queen Elizabeth the second lives, designing and making their own crowns, and thinking of what they would do if they could be King / Queen for the day. 

We have also enjoyed looking at different holidays, such as Halloween and Christmas!


We were also very fortunate this year with being able to do our Nativity. The children enjoyed learning the songs and were so pleased to have their show filmed and sent to their families to lighten our spirits over the Christmas period. 



Physical Education (P.E)


On a Monday afternoon, we have our P.E sessions. We believe that P.E is a vital for children as it helps to keep them active and healthy.


Over the Autumn term, we focused on activities which would help to improve and teach the children about physical movement, balance, eye co-ordination and core stability. This also offered children the opportunity to develop their fine motor skills through the provision of a range of resources. 


We had lots of fun looking at yoga, creating our own routines to teach to others, as well as playing lots of fun games and challenges along the way!

Important Information


P.E. will be every Monday afternoon. Please ensure that children come in to school wearing their P.E clothes (red top, black shorts / joggers) and that they bring in their black pumps if they aren't wearing them. 


Woodland Wonder will be on a Wednesday afternoon with Mrs J. Smith. Please ensure that the children come in their woodland wonder clothes, which consist of a long sleeved top and jumper, leggings or joggers, sensible footwear, wellies and a waterproof coat.

Children must not wear jeans, shorts, skirts or short sleeve tops.


We will be doing as much of our learning and play times outside as we can so please make sure that children come to school with their coats everyday. The children may also bring hats, scarfs and gloves as it gets colder outside. 


Children may bring in either fruit or a cereal bar to school as their snack at break time. We also have fruit at school that the children may have.


If you have any queries, please email Miss O'Neill at