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At Welland Primary School our aim is to provide children with a broad and balanced education. The curriculum will ensure that children achieve high academic standards through stimulating and interesting programmes of work. 


Our school curriculum is about what children know, can do and can understand. It is planned and assessed by teachers to ensure that children make as much progress as possible and achieve their very best. It comprises of the National Curriculum set out by the Government along with other content that is real and relevant to our pupils. Our school curriculum is inclusive, it offers a range of diverse opportunities and makes connections to develop and enhance learning . Our curriculum is planned and purposeful and is designed to meet the needs of ALL children. Knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through consistent pedagogical approaches linked to research and current good practice. Our school values lie at the centre of the curriculum, with key concepts, and subjects providing the heart of the curriculum with the aim to develop confident individuals, successful learners and responsible citizens and to meet the aims set out in the school vision.  The richness and diversity of the curriculum comes from using resources and experiences to enhance learning. Activities, environments and opportunities are varied and are planned so that children know more, can do more, can appreciate more, can understand more and can grow more fully and more deeply. We are very excited about our curriculum developments and are seeing positive benefits for teaching and learning.


We aim to employ a range of teaching styles, including teaching individuals, groups and the whole class. Activities will stimulate independent learning through play, investigation and discussion.

During your child’s first year at School they will follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. From Year One onwards they will follow the revised National Curriculum 2013. At the end of Key Stage One (Year 2) and Key Stage Two (Year 6) children undergo Standard Assessment Tests/Tasks and Teacher Assessments to assess their ability in Mathematics and English. We publish these results annually.


Please read the documents below to gain more detailed insight into our curriculum. 

Curriculum Intent and Implementation Documents

Curriculum Overview 2022 2023

Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

If you have any questions regarding the curriculum we teach, please contact the school directly.