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Maple Class

Maple Class


Teachers: Mr Williams and Mrs Lavelle (Tuesday)

Teaching Assistant: Miss Wood






Welcome to the Maple Class page. We are already hard at work and having lots of fun as we learn. Keep checking this page to see what we have been up to!


Key Information


PE - On Tuesday. Please send your child to school in their PE kit.


Homework - Set on Tuesday and due in the following Monday please. Please note: homework is now set on Seesaw for your child to access online. 


Reading - If your child needs a new book, remind them to ask an adult in class and we will help them choose a new one. We ask that children read at last four times a week at home please. Your child's book number will be assessed using the Accelerated Reader diagnostic assessment at least half termly. 

What does learning look like in our class?


Every morning we begin our day with morning mathematics (fluency) challenges.   





Our English time is broken up into a 60 minute English lesson and a shorter spelling, punctuation and grammar lesson or reading comprehension lesson. In English, we love learning by reading and responding to a variety of books. We enjoy, soak in and respond to texts before building the skills to produce pieces of writing inspired by what we have read. Sometimes we use drama, computing or music to bring our learning to English learning to life. In Maple Class, we write to entertain and inform. 


In mathematics, we work through small steps to ensure we build an excellent understanding of all areas of the curriculum. We use a variety of resources and apparatus to help us learn. We work really hard to make our reasoning clearer and we enjoy problem solving to really stretch ourselves. We also love using mathematics skills in the afternoons, especially in science, art and design technology. Fluency sessions help us improve our approach to calculations, and we enjoy discussing how we solved problems and which methods are most efficient.   

Mathematics - Using Peg Boards to Explore 2D Shapes

Class Assembly

On Wednesday, we have a class assembly. Themes for class assemblies may include: British values, relationships, personal growth, keeping safe and healthy, significant cultural events and notable celebrations (both religious and secular).

Afternoon Lessons

In the afternoons, we complete science and topic work. Within each topic, explicit subjects are taught and the children develop the skills and knowledge needed to become good historians, geographers, scientists, musicians, designers and artists. Where possible and relevant, cross-curricular links underpin the work we are completing. We love to showcase our growing skills and knowledge through art, design technology and computing projects.  


Please click the example timetable below to see what a week might look like in Maple Class. 

Curriculum Focus - Science 


Maple Class posed the question: Am I faster than a T-Rex? The children then worked together to think about how they could answer the question.


With the help of Mr. Williams, they found out that T-Rexs were thought to have been able to run at approximately 32 kph. Together, the class worked out that this is roughly 9 metres per second.


Next, the children independently measured out a 90 metre running track on the field using trundle wheels and cones, before seeing if they we could run the length of the track in under ten seconds.


Despite initial confidence (with most children sure they were faster than a T-rex), we all realised we were all in fact slower than a T-Rex and we concluded that it is probably for the best that these magnificent predators are long extinct!


The record time to run 90 metres was set by Zach who ran the distance in 16 seconds. Well done to him and indeed to all of Maple Class for putting in a magnificent effort in science this week. 

Design Technology - Fairy Tale Hand Puppets

Am I faster than a T-Rex?

Geography - Making 3D Maps of Fairy Tale Malvern

Science - Everyday Materials


Maple Class have enjoyed exploring everyday materials as part of their science topic. Recently, the children explored the properties of different materials through testing them. They wanted to find out if different materials are waterproof and had great fun planning and completing a range of tests and recording their results. We hope the pictures capture how much fun the children had in their learning

Is our object waterproof?

Art - Mixing Colours to Create Planets

Making a Difference

Jigsaw PSHE - Tasting Healthy Snacks