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Our School Day

Our School Day


Our school day starts with the children arriving at 8.45 a.m and going into their classrooms. In class, the teachers will set fun morning activities to ease the children in to the day. The register will be taken at 9:00 a.m


In the morning each class will have a maths and then an English lesson. 


Registration is at 9.00am. Children arriving after 9.00am but before 9.10am will receive a late mark. Children arriving after 9.10am are recorded as absent unless they have a medical appointment.


Every day we either have a class assembly or a whole school assembly in the hall.


Break time is at 10.35 a.m, in between maths and English; this gives children time to let off steam and have some fresh air before they start lessons again.


Lunch is at 12.30 p.m until 1.30 p.m; this is staggered with the younger children going first.

The afternoons vary in content, children will study other curriculum areas and have PE lessons.


We have high expectations for all of our pupils; we expect them to engage in their learning, to support their peers, to have manners and to be polite. We encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible, we develop learning skills and celebrate effort as well as achievement.


For our part we spend time planning stimulating lessons which cater for all children’s needs. We use trips and visitors to enhance learning. We differentiate lessons so all pupil needs are met.


Children in Chestnut and Maple Classes will be sent out to parents/carers, who wait outside the hall doors on the playground. Children in Walnut, Willow and Oak Classes will leave their Classes independently and await collection from their parents/carers. Children in Key Stage Two who wish to walk home on their own, may do so at parent’s discretion.


Parents are requested to inform school if someone other than a child’s immediate family is collecting them from school. We understand that after school, some children go to friends’ houses to play, but we MUST have WRITTEN permission from you confirming arrangements or we cannot release your child.